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Government Of Assam Hailakandi District

National Food Security Mission (Pulses) – NFSM (Pulses)

  • About National Food Security Mission (Pulses) – NFSM (Pulses)

    National Food Security Mission was launched in 2007-08 to increase the production of rice, wheat and pulses by 10, 8 and 2 million tonnes, respectively by the end of XI Plan through area expansion and productivity enhancement; restoring soil fertility and productivity; creating employment opportunities; and enhancing farm level economy. The Mission is being continued during 12th Five Year Plan with new target of additional production of 25 million tonnes of food grains comprising of 10 million tonnes rice, 8 million tonnes of wheat, 4 million tonnes of pulses and 3 million tonnes of coarse cereals by the end of XII Plan.

    One of the five components NFSM (Pulses) is being implemented in the district with the following objectives.

    • Increasing production of pulses through Area Expansion and Productivity Enhancement in a sustainable manner.
    • Restoring Soil Fertility and Productivity at the individual farm level.
    • Enhancing Farm Level Economy (Farm profits) to restore confidence amongst farmers.
    • In order to achieve these objective the following strategies have been adopted.
    • Focus on low productivity and high potential areas.
    • Implementation of cropping system based interventions in a mission mode approach through active engagement of all stakeholders.
    • Focus on Pulse production through utilization of rice fellow, intercropping of pulse with other crops.