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Shri Moloy Bora,IAS

Deputy Commissioner , Hailakandi

Hailakandi District Map

About District

Hailakandi was one of the oldest subdivisions in the state of Assam. It was constituted as a civil subdivision on 1st June 1869. Subsequently, it was upgraded to a district in 1989. It has an area of 1327 square km. There are two reserve forests in Hailakandi District viz. Inner Line Reserve Forest and Katakhal Reserve Forest covering an area of 741 Sq km. As one enters the district lush gree n sprawling fields with varied vegetations give an impression of prosperity to the visitor. Nature’s beauty, diversity in human resource and simplicity of the people are the hallmarks of the district. People with varied language, religious and cultural hues co-exist in the district which reverberate an ambience of communal amity in the district.

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